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Monday, July 25, 2011

12 Days

Check out this sketch my honorary niece Haley drew of Kirk... isn't it great?  She was just doodling at the table one night with regular pencil on printer paper.  Serious talent.  Her sister (my other honorary niece) Trina did an adorable drawing of Lori, and I'll share that one with you when I get my hands on it to scan it in... these two girls put their hands to work doing all kinds of things from sewing and photography, to drawing and knitting. (Haley knitted to uber cute dish rags we gave away in our first fundraiser.)  They have put together their own website called Texas Handmaids (clever, huh?) ... so go check it out.  Seriously wonderful family.  Oh, they can cook too, but unfortunately you can't order any amazing desserts from their website.

Well, we are down to less than two weeks to lift-off!  And if you think I'm running around like a crazy chicken trying to get things done, well... you'd be right.  But I think I have all the travel items we need now.  

Who am I kidding?  I'll be at Walmart the night before our flight, I'm sure.  But, Kirk's bed is made, all ready and waiting for him... the bunkbed/loft in the girls' room is almost finished.  Jeff and I will be building the loft part tonight (well, mostly Jeff, although I can use a power driver now, and I only broke one bit clean off.)  

Okay, (jumping subjects once more) if you were on Facebook this morning, you saw me promise some good news.  Are you ready for this?

Remember when I posted on Friday, our big NEED was $8,572?

Well, money came in over the weekend, and we are now at 


That's what remains for us to be fully funded!  Wow!  God is GREAT!  I will be updating the thermometer daily now, until we're fully funded.  So keep checking back to watch it grow and praise God with us!  We're almost there!

*Update: We're now at $2,449


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