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Dad Chronicles: Processing Grief

My little fig tree from my Dad These are my thoughts from yesterday, which turned out to be a day of deep processing of grief for me... 1 August 2022  Today is one month since my Dad laid down to rest. We've now entered a new month,... we can no longer say we're in the same month when Dad was still living. All the months before this month - for the last 74 years - Dad had lived in...   These are strange thoughts, but this is grief.   We've had lots of good, blessed days in our home lately.  We've started getting ready for the new school year... we've done some cleaning and decluttering, getting ready for the new season.... we took a day off last week and had fun going to the library, getting snacks.. shopping at Hobby Lobby. And now the tide is in again, sweeping me away.  Today was hard. Harder than I was expecting, actually. My sister expressed exactly what I had been thinking and feeling lately - it's just like we've been busy and haven't seen Dad in

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