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Friday, April 01, 2011

Dohb reyh Dehyn, Yall!

(That's "Good Afternoon" in Russian.... I'm practicing- can you tell?)

Well, one thing I can say about Kirk- we haven't even met him yet, and he's already got me on my toes. In the past two weeks I've been running around notarizing, copying & faxing, paperwork... staying up late working on documents for the home study... turning my house upside down looking for our vital records which had been misplaced,... learning a little Russian (you know, in my spare time)... and now I think I've blogged 3 times in 3 days. That's some kind of record for me, I'm pretty sure.

On Wednesday morning, the kids and I were at Target, and I wanted to buy something for Kirk. Every time we've found out we're having a baby, we like to buy something for the baby... so I wanted to get something for him. When my friend and her husband had first committed to adopt their son from Eastern Europe, she bought him a pillow. I thought that was a good, practical thing to buy, so I followed her lead. I bought Kirk a pillow. Not that he has a bed for this pillow, or any bedding, or even a place to put a bed right at this moment (we're moving some things out of Carson's room soon.) But now he has a pillow. A place to lay his head on every night and feel safe at home. In a family that will always and forever be his.

And I found some creepy-crawly, fun-looking bug books and a bug puzzle at the $1-Spot, and bought those for him too. (Don't you love the $1-Spot?)

Those are practical too... for a boy, you know.

When we got home from Target, Lilly proudly carried her brother's pillow into the house. Then she promptly removed it from it's plastic cover, threw it on the dirty rug in Carson's room, and laid on top of it. Carson joined her, with his head on the pillow. Ah well, that's just life at the Hazletons'.


If you want to be entered into our Kick-Off for Kirk drawing, don't forget to click the "Chip-In" button on the right-hand side of the blog... If you don't know about the kick-off, go read that post, because we have some awesome prizes, and we're drawing the first winner on Monday!

Pah kah - Pah kah!


  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger Jessica said…

    Love it! And if it makes you feel any better at all, when I bought Danil's pillow he didn't have a bed or bedding yet either. :) I am so happy for ya'll and Kirk that I could pop!!

  • At 2:50 PM, Blogger Krista said…

    Wow Shannon, I've just read through everything and I am SO excited, thrilled, overjoyed. . .that is just such wonderful news. Kirk is precious, I love how he is already on your blog header too. I will be praying for him, you guys, all of this. Love you girl!!


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