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Monday, November 09, 2009

MIY Monday: Autumn Wreath

Happy Monday, everyone! Welcome back to Make-It-Yourself Monday. Are you gals getting some inspiration for the holidays? I'd love to hear your ideas...

Well, today, I finally got around to making my Autumn Wreath for the front door. We actually don't have much of an autumn season around here, but it's my absolute favorite, so I have to add some fall colors in my life wherever I can. Too bad my favorite orange sweater isn't fitting over my 27-week pregnant belly!!!

Well, here are the supplies I gathered to make this project:

I bought the "grapevine" wreath at Walmart for less than $3. The best thing about these is you can use them over and over when your wreaths start looking beat-up just pull off the decor and do something else. I have one of these hanging on my girl's bedroom door. I wove ribbon through and it serves as a bow-holder.

I bought the flowers and other pretty fall--ish floral filler at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. Get online and find out which supplier is having a sale before you buy your floral-ware. It can get pretty expensive.

I also swiped my husband's wire-cutters (I'm sure he'll correct me later about what they're really called) and I didn't end up using the ribbon pictured here.

There are several ways to secure your flowers to your wreath - wire, floral foam... but I chose a hot glue gun (not pictured) because it was simple, and what I had on-hand.

After cutting the flowers free from their bundles, I began placing items on the wreath to get the look I desired. Then I would remove the piece, apply some hot glue, and re-position it on the wreath. Mine turned our very simple-looking. I'm a kind of less-is-more gal, but you can put as much on your wreath as you like - hey, it's your front door, right?

Making it Yours
Here's my favorite thing about this wreath: I included a few acorns Maggie and Lilly collected at the zoo on our trip to Louisiana last month. Maggie will pick these up whenever she finds them, and stuff them in her pocket or my pockets. I even found some in my purse the other day! I love that for the next few years, I'll pull out this wreath in the fall and see those little acorns they lovingly collected.


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