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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What's Happenin'

Not a whole stinkin' lot.

I haven't posted in a whole week... for a few reasons.

One, I've been waiting on my dear Hubby, who is composing his series of posts about the day we met. He's going to tell the day from HIS perspective.... and then, per request, I'm going to continue telling our story up to the day he proposed. So stay tuned for that.

Another reason I haven't posted is because I was trying not to be disappointed in the news that I received last Thursday. Just on the heels of the early morning phone call that told me our dossier had been submitted, I learned that Kirk & Lori's country is no longer issuing travel dates until the fall. They are closing down for the summer and re-opening, perhaps as late as October 11th.

So, barring a miracle, we will not get any more word or travel dates until after October 11th.

I felt like we were a sure-win for the presidential election, but lost to the opponent at the last minute.

I'm trying not to be disappointed that K & L will just continue going about their day, with no Mama or Daddy, for another 3 months or longer, not even knowing that we are coming for them.

No one to pray over them at night.

No one to kiss them to pieces every morning.

I'm trying not to be disappointed that the flag Tees I bought for them will have to be worn with long sleeve shirts underneath, by the time we get them home.

I'm trying not to be disappointed that they won't be here for Lilly's birthday, or mine.


I ran into my friend Jessica in Walmart (again) today. We have a knack for doing that lately. I absolutely love their family. So thankful for them. And I love getting her son Alik's reaction every time he sees us. He knows I'm Kirk & Lori's Mama. And he always recognizes me now, and gives me a big smile, and usually says 'Ooooh' and points to me and looks back at his Mama with a grin. But today I was unprepared for the emotions I felt upon seeing him in particular. I was so sad because it made me miss K & L so much, though I've never even met them yet.


The other reason I haven't posted in a week is because our family has been under a particularly tiring strain that I feel is an attack on our family. We are just getting over various illnesses, which have stretched out over several months - basically since we started the adoption, and we are NEVER sick. Well, for the past few weeks, and this week in particular, we've been sleep-deprived as each one of our kids have been getting up crying several times throughout the night. On many occasions we've played musical beds, rotating one kid out of our bed and another kid into our bed... One night this week I literally lost count of how many times we were up with each of our kids - numerous times per child. It was ridiculous. And by yesterday morning I was really feeling the exhaustion and pure helplessness.

Last night, we took our children and had them put their hands on each bed of theirs in the boys' room and the girls' room and pray over our family. We told them scripture and prayed scripture over our family. And we plan to do it again tonight. Last night was a bit better, and I'm praying we can really get some rest tonight.

Looking on the brighter side of things, the longer wait does give us more time for fundraising and the long list of things to do before we bring the kids home...

This past weekend was the Brisket Sale fundraiser our friends put together for us. Jeff was busy running around distributing briskets and helping out at the church where they were being cooked. It was a successful event and we made over $1,000 towards our adoption! The main guy, Dan, who put the whole thing together, was up at the church all night long, cooking brisket - and all day the following day as well. We have truly amazing friends.

Besides writing his side of the story, Jeff is busy drawing up plans for the L-shaped bunk-bed/loft-bed combo he's going to build for the girls' room. I'm super excited about that. I'm still looking for matching comforters/bedspreads for all 3 girls' beds. I may just end up making something.

You know, in my spare time. Ha!

Now the kids are all down for a nap, so I've got a wrecked kitchen to clean, chickens to feed & water.... and a good book that's calling my name... but I likely won't get to that last one.

So see... nothing happenin' around here.... nothin' at all...


  • At 12:20 PM, Blogger Jessica said…

    Good good blog post. And now I'm crying thinking about how you feel. Most people wouldn't totally understand how you can DESPERATELY miss someone you have never met, but I know. It's heartbreaking. So sorry, friend.

  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger Jarröt said…

    Marvelous Shannon, they have a wonderful Dad holding them every night and waking them up every morning with the warmth of His beauty. His love for them is displayed constantly to them day in and day out. And while this does not bridge the distant between them and your hugs and kisses. It's the only thing that keeps my heart from falling apart everytime I see K&L on my computer and every time I see that awesome picture of K hugging Alik on my phone. Pryaing God wakes them up every morning with hugs and kisses and puts them to sleep everynight with prayers and back rubs!

  • At 1:28 PM, Blogger Alecia said…

    I'm so sorry ya'll are going to have to wait! It will be here before you know it though :) I will be donating at some point. Things have been tight, but you'll have something from me eventually!

  • At 1:39 PM, Blogger Sandra said…

    I believe the angels are working in the Heavenlies on your behalf. We will keep your babies--all of them--covered in prayer until you are all safe at home together. God bless.

  • At 5:50 AM, Blogger Hugh & Hollie Carson said…

    Girl, I love reading your posts. I'm right here with you along the way friend. I just love your family and how you wear your heart on your sleeve. I love it. The pictures of your 5 children on the header of your blog takes my breath away a bit.

    Lastly, YOU HAVE CHICKENS? How did I not know this? How many? what kind?


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