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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Two Weddings & a Golden Ticket

As our family continued to fight off and recover from various illnesses, we left town Thursday to attend a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner in Houston for a sweet couple getting married Friday night. Jeff officiated the wedding for Katy, who was once in our youth group, and her (now husband) Stephen, whom we have had the privilege to spend a little time with. The wedding was a dreamy, worshipful event under a giant oak tree, where my two little girls, dressed in white eyelet sundresses, traipsed barefoot down the grassy aisle, tossing their flower petals.

We drove back home early Saturday, just in time for a quick lunch and a change of clothes and a hurried drive to attend another wedding. This time, the bridesmaids all kept their shoes on, and beautiful stained glass towered high in front of the dashing groom and his bride, dressed to the nines. It was a sweet event to behold, as we are close to the bride and groom, and we were privileged to witness them share their very first kiss.

After a fun reception, we headed home and became the after-wedding crashers as every one of us laid out for a much-needed nap.

As I said, throughout the weekend, we have continued to down the vitamin C and other supplements, and the girls have battled fevers or coughs off and on... I still haven't completely let go of my cough... Thursday evening, just before the rehearsal, we determined that Lilly had pink eye, and she was miserable. We went through a whole bottle of colloidal silver in just over 48 hours. Yesterday was lilly's first fever-free day, and she was right as rain all day, today, but began to feel bad just before supper... She's feverish again tonight.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

I was hoping to come back into town and find our 'GoldenTicket' - our clearance from immigration, which is the last piece of paper we need to complete our dossier. But it hasn't come yet... It will be any day now.

We did come home to find that some sweet friends had mowed and weed-eated (is that a word?) our front and back yard, and they took care of an ant problem we were having, too. Wow. That was a blessing!!

Just wanted to keep you all updated... We have quite a week coming up... And this is going a BIG blogging week as well. Keep checking back; I promise you don't want to miss it!!!

Goodnight, y'all!


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