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Monday, April 04, 2011


"Thank you!"

I have been overwhelmed by your generosity. We have had many donations from people I've never met, and furthermore, have no idea how they heard about us or our adoption... Thank you all for getting the word out - thank you for praying - thank you for giving! Spasiba!
Our goal in this first fundraiser is just a fraction of what we need, and (almost) $300 dollars may seem small in light of the huge amount we'll have to raise, but I think wow! Look what God has done through you all... and this is just the start of the journey...

If you haven't entered the drawing, and you'd still like a chance to win the Doodle Wrap, you still have time to get your name in the hat if you make a donation before 10pm (CST) tonight! (Your donation may not show up right away in the ChipIn, but I receive an email as soon as you donate, so no worries.)

Again, glory and praise to God for His provision, and again to all you wonderful friends -




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