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Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Much is This Gonna Cost?

Many people have asked us how much it's going to cost to bring Kirk home. And do we just need that amount before we travel so we can just hand it all over to the agency in exchange for our son?

There are so many costs involved in an international adoption, and we're depending on the LORD to provide, but He often does so through generous & faithful friends (and strangers we've never met.) We want folks to have a more clear picture of the breakdown of adoption-costs, so they know their donations are being put to good use. So here's what it looks like:

Estimated Cost to Bring Kirk Home:

$1100 - Homestudy (this figure is often much higher)

$364 - Passport Renewal & Expedited Service (We need them quickly b/c we must provide our passport #s on many of our documents we're preparing.)

$1000 - Immigration Application & Fingerprinting

$7500 - Flights

$10,000 - Facilitator Fees

$600 Kirk's Passport

$550 Visa & Medical for Kirk

$3000 - Lodging in Kirk's Country for 4-5 Weeks

$800 - Food & Other Supplies in Kirk's Country for 4-5 Weeks

$2500 - Transportation in country 4-5 weeks

$1500 Orphanage Donation / Dossier Prep costs

Again, these are estimated costs, based on families who have gone before us through Reece's Rainbow, adopting from Kirk's Country. We may be able to cut costs in some places, or some things may be more expensive (like flight fare when it's time for us to travel!!). But this is our goal.

And no, we don't just collect our adoption costs and hop on the plane... each of these costs has to be paid along the way, as tasks are completed. For example, we paid $1100 last week for our homestudy... two weeks ago, we paid the passport fees... and this week we'll be paying the $1000 immigration application costs!!

So please pray with us that the Lord will provide. And watch with us as the RED on that thermometer grows!

Have a Blessed Sunday Afternoon!


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