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Friday, September 24, 2010

A While Back...

This morning, I decided to put on my birthstone earrings, since it's my birthday and all. Birthdays are always special around here. This morning I woke up to coffee, donuts, and roses - all arranged by my sweet husband while I caught up on some sleep because Carson finally slept more than 2 consecutive hours last night.

Anyway, back to my earrings. They are cherished little things that Jeff bought me for my birthday 8 years ago, when we were together in SE Asia. He was scheduled to take a trip to Hong Kong during my actual birthday, so we celebrated the weekend before, and then he brought back my birthstone earrings from Hong Kong.

This morning they remind me of a sweet time in our lives where we served with some wonderful people in an amazing place on the other side of the world.

Dinner With Friends... I actually had chilly weather for my birthday that year!

Today, my life is unbelievably different than 8 years ago... and a little more mundane rather than exotic or adventurous. But I wouldn't trade what I have now. Now I cherish the sleepy little faces who greeted me this morning with birthday wishes... even if the very next words out of their mouths were, "Mommy, I'm hungry!"

Such a blessed season of my life


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger Katie King said…

    Happy birthday Shannon!! (Good to know that I am not the only one with a baby that has a thing for waking up every couple/few hours!)


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