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Monday, September 13, 2010

So Long, Sophie

We interrupt this Make-It-Yourself-Monday to bring you the Plight of the Lost Lovey Giraffe.

**Please see the update at the end of this post**

It pains me to write this. Really.

It all started several months ago, one Saturday mid-morning, when we strolled down to a garage sale on our street, a few blocks down. Things were wrapping up, and the sweet couple was eager to off-load a few items on to our eager couple of cute girls who were drooling at the big box of once-loved toys in the back of the garage. (Yes, this garage sale was actually in a garage. I know, that almost never happens, right?)

Anyway, so the aforementioned sweet couple told my girls they could have anything from the box. Then I immediately and swiftly amended that offer and told them they could each pick one thing. One. They begged to pick one toy for their brother, too, who was sleeping so peacefully in his stroller I almost forgot he was there. That was back in the day when he actually slept for long periods of time.

Well, they picked out this soft rubber giraffe. They were in love with it, and certain their brother would love it as well.

So I brought it home, sanitized the silly-looking thing, and threw it in the toybox... or really, one of the toy bins; there are several.

Fast-forward a few months later when Carson's personality livens up, and he starts full-fledge teething (oh, and stops sleeping for long periods of time.) Quite unexpectedly, this beloved giraffe toy came to the rescue. He seemed to favor 'Giraffe', as we called it (we're very practical around here) over everything else when it came to lovin' and chewin'. And boy is that boy serious about his lovin' and chewin'!

One of the girls would bring him Giraffe and his face would light up. Literally, folks, his demeanor would change! He.loved.his.Giraffe. I would half-cringe every time, because.....

People, I thought it was a dog toy! It was soft rubber. It squeaked. I thought it was a dog toy!

We won't discuss the psychology behind the fact that - believing it was a dog toy- I let my infant son chew on it anyway. Besides, I don't believe in psychology.

Well, about 2 weeks ago, I was searching on Amazon for some cloth diaper / baby items and lo and behold - there was Giraffe!!! Only, her name is 'Sophie'... Imagine my surprise and delight to find that she's actually a baby teething toy! And a really highly reviewed expensive baby teething toy! Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint... BPA and Phthalates free... it was music to my ears. I called Jeff over to the computer to rejoice with me... Our son wasn't in love with a dog toy after all. For the next week I proudly handed my son this exquisite Sophie teether. He loved her. He chewed her. I finally let him have it while riding in the car (before, when I thought it was a dog toy, I thought better of it.) It was a glorious week, full of sweet Sohpie moments.

And then....

We visited our friends' church, and Giraffe, I mean Sophie, was left on the pew... never to be found again.

Sob. No really, sob!

Perhaps you were expecting something a little more poetic and ironic like Sophie getting chewed up by the dog. Now that would make a good story, but we don't have a dog, so you'll have to settle for the truth. We left that favorite toy on the pew at that church, and even after several people helped us look for it a few days later - she was gone. Just as suddenly as she had come into our lives, she was gone again. (There. How's that for poetic?)

So long, Sophie. I'm sorry I ever held any disdain for you... you were the best.

Let me now say, for any of you searching for a great baby toy, this one is worth the price! And if you happen to get one, I hope your baby loves Sophie as much as I did, er uh, I mean my son did.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

UPDATE: A very wonderful person saw this post and bought Carson another Sophie!! We are so happy! But Jeff is insistent that we call the new one something a bit more masculine for his son to play with... he suggested 'Butch', but I think we'll just stick with 'Giraffe.'



  • At 2:53 PM, Blogger Lindsey said…

    Those teethers are ALL the rage around here! There's pricey too! Our classy (and rather wealthy) friends adopted a boy 8 months ago and received THREE. They've given two away already though or I'd snag one and mail it to you ; )

    I hope some other little teether is enjoying Sophie now.

    Love you,


  • At 7:41 AM, Blogger DanieLauryn said…

    I love the way you write!


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