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Monday, January 18, 2010

MIY Monday: Spring is in the Air

Okay, maybe it's a little early for spring. But the balmy 65 degree weather today got me downright giddy. New things are coming. Our little guy is due to arrive in just 17 days... but who's counting?

With the sunshine, and promise of a new arrival in our home soon, I've been up to my eyeballs in preparations and cleaning and organizing... and with two other little people in the house, I haven't actually accomplished all that much. But oh well.

Here is a MIY project I was working on recently that you might enjoy making for yourself or someone else as you look forward to some spring cleaning. (You still have a few months before then, if you're not crazy like me.)

Scented Sachets

These are great to use in drawers or closets or your car. I have had so much fun making these, and they are super easy. Here are the supplies I used:

- Fabric I had on-hand
- Polyfil for stuffing (also had on-hand)
- Lavendar Essential Oil (Or you may use dried lavender, or the contents of a scented sachet packet.)
- Buttons and pieces of ribbon for decoration

I made these sachets in two different styles, and one is definitely faster and easier than the other. I like the look of both of them. I'll show you the more difficult one first.

A More Finished Look
For this sachet, cut out pieces of fabric about the size you want your sachet. I think my pieces measured 4 " x 5 1/2 " before sewing, so they ended up a little smaller than that, given the seam allowance and all.

Sew right sides together on 3 sides, leaving one side open to stuff.

Turn right-side-out and use a pointed object (like this fine chopstick) to poke the inside corners and neatly shape the pillow.

All ready for stuffing!

This will make a bazillion sachets!

Stuff with fiberfil or polyfil or quilt batting, and then put 3 or 4 drops of your essential oil inside. Or you may use the contents of a scented sachet packet, which you can find near the candle aisle at Walmart, or at most gift stores or specialty stores. (Our local Vacuum City carries a great one too.)

Optional: you may wish to finish your sachet pillow and then drop the oil direction on the outside of the pillow, but be sure to try this out on the fabric first. The oil may leave a spot.

Stuff with a little more filling if necessary, and turn in the edges of the fabric. Sew the opening closed.

I continued the seam around the edge of the pillow, giving it a more finished look.

I decided to embellish my pillows with buttons and ribbon I had on-hand. But I also made some recently with bright pink and blue floral fabric, and didn't embellish them at all. And I thought they were adorable.

Okay, here's the Easier / Faster version:
For these, I cut the fabric half the size as the other ones I made, making them little mini-pillows. I cut the fabric using pinking shears and just sewed wrong sides together, eliminating the need to turn the fabric.

I like the rough edges of this version.

Sew three sides. Stuff. Add fragrance. Sew closed. Done. Embellish if you like. Or don't.

Tip: If you're making these ahead of time for a gift, store them in a plastic bag to keep the scent strong until you give them.

I made some of these for hostess gifts for some friends of mine who threw a baby shower for Carson on Saturday. It was such a fun shower, and my friend Krystal worked up a few MIY projects that were part of the shower decor, and also our personalized gift. Check out what she made! (Click HERE to see it on her own blog.)

She put together this cowboy-themed diaper cake, which is not only adorable, but completely practical!

She and her talented husband also made these frames which spell out Carson's name. They used scrapbook paper which matched our theme, and painted the letters. I love it! These will look great on his dresser. Thank you so much, Krystal and Matt! We are so blessed.

Whew! That's enough to keep you busy this week. Happy Monday, everyone!


  • At 6:12 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    What a great idea! I also love what Krystal made for your shower. That is awesome.


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