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Monday, December 07, 2009

MIY Monday: Wall Makeover

I have 5 minutes left of Monday! My day completely got away from me, so please forgive me - for most of you will be reading this on Tuesday.

So, as the clock is ticking down to midnight, let me get on to our MIY Monday project: drum roll please...

My Weekend Wall Makeover

A while back, we moved the t.v. stand / entertainment center out of our living room and made a piano the main focus of the room. The wall above it was bare, and I really wanted to put a collage of fun family pictures there.

So I collected these frames I already had around the house - most of them in storage, or not in use, since I didn't really have anywhere to display them. I spray painted them red and put some updated family pictures in them. Some from our recent trip to the zoo, others of us at the park, or in the backyard. All of them are different sizes, and I really like that some have different textures. Jeff hung these for me, along with a wooden plaque a sweet lady made for us when we were engaged. It reads, "This is the Day the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." The plaque adds something different and unique to contrast all the red frames. You could hang your frames with wall sconces, or a mirror as well.

I also spray-painted our coffee table red, and a basket where we keep our little wooden musical instruments. I'll post pics of those later, so you can see how the whole room comes together with just these touches of red throughout the room.

Well, there's your MIY Monday quickie - what have all of you been up to?

Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone!


  • At 5:19 PM, Blogger Crystal, wife, mom, and friend said…

    Thank you for asking to link to your blog. I love you piano wall. I do something simular but its not on just one place. I get my frames from garage sales and other places and then paint them all white, my walls are dark. They all kinda match. Love seeing what you come up with each week.
    From my blog to yours!- http://crystal-wifeandmommy.blogspot.com/


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