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Monday, November 23, 2009

MIY Monday: Birthday Gifts for Kids!

Happy Monday, everyone! We had a jam-packed weekend, and it was full of family fun - despite the really gloomy, dreary weather. We attended a dual birthday party for a brother and sister, whose birthdays are 2 days apart. Big Brother turned 5 and Little Sister turned 2.

I've been wanting to make this craft for a while, and I can't wait a second longer to share it with you.... Here's Little Sister's Gift:

A Wooden Memory Game

You know the game we all played as kids - you turn over 2 cards and try to find the matching pictures... well, this is a homemade version, inspired by a post I found here.

This was one long piece before we cut them.

I found these small, wooden pieces in the craft section at Walmart - I believe a pack of six was less than $2. Then I had Jeff cut them in half for me, making six perfect pairs. I sanded the edges to make sure they were smooth for little fingers.

Next, I used paper I had around the house - whatever pretty patterns I liked. The scrapbook paper I used was thicker, and worked best, but I also used some wrapping paper and pieces of pink and brown leopard print from a snazzy gift-bag I was recently given on my birthday.

I measured off a square that would be a bit smaller than each wooden square, and cut a template from cardstock, which I used to trace on the back of each of my pieces of pattern paper. Then I cut 2 matching squares of paper from each print.

I used a solution of Elmer's Glue and water to decoupage the paper onto the wooden squares, and it worked fine with a few coats. Next time I will use Modge Podge or just finish it off with clear varnish after the decoupage is dry.

Since Little Sister is 2, I used pretty patterns she could easily match, but if you are making this for an older kid you could use words, letters, or numbers... you could use pictures of family members or pictures cut from the Funny Pages... just about anything! I love this because you can make it so personal. And it doesn't have to be a child's gift - it can be for a family - add to their Game Night collection!

Once my Memory Game pieces were dry and ready to go, I needed something to stash them in, so I threw together this little draw string bag from some scrap fabric I had. But the game could be stored in a box or other container... I think a game of this size would fit perfectly in a small Chinese take-out box!! I'll have to try that next time.

Voila! Ready for the Party.

Oh, and as for Big Brother's present... I'll save that for another MIY Monday. {SMILE}

Stay tuned this week for Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers...


  • At 6:02 AM, Blogger Teesa said…

    Beautiful. I wish you would make some for my kids...I can never seem to pick out pretty paper correctly. :)

  • At 10:32 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    Great idea!! Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving crafts. Last year we made Pine cone Turkeys. It was so fun! Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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