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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

It was the shot heard around the nation. I didn't watch (simply because we haven't had cable for 6 months) but I definitely heard the news. Jon & Kate are splitting up.

Though we don't watch them anymore, we can't seem to get away from them. Some photograph of Jon or Kate (or both) stares at me every time I buy anything at the supermarket. And though I no longer watch their series, this family has been heavy on my heart for months. I have found myself awake at 3am praying for them. Last night I restlessly woke up several times, with immediate thoughts of and prayers for them.

I am not star-struck by their celebrity. I am frustrated and disappointed and sad that a couple who have portrayed themselves as faith-filled Christians before the watching nation has "dissolved" their marriage because things got hard. Because "we're just different people now."

I've only been married for (almost) 6 years, and we definitely are different people than we were on our wedding day. You roll with it. Grow with it. You don't shrug and say "oh well, we have no choice." But the truth is, none of us are above where Jon and Kate find themselves. That's why marriage takes work every day.

I'm frustrated and disappointed and sad that these used-to-be-everyday-parents have bought into the illusion of the American Dream. And now they can give their children everything money could possibly buy - everything except two parents who show love and kindness and forgiveness to each other. This separation is NOT what's best for the children. What would be best is to cut the show, get on their knees, and seek the Lord and show their children the good example of kindness, repentance, commitment, faithfulness, and utter dependence on God.

So, what now? One friend asked me last night how we should pray - what should we pray for?

I am praying that both Jon and Kate will remember the vows they made (um, twice, since they just renewed their vows on the show last year) and be struck with the reality that they DO have a choice - that they CAN choose to do the right thing; they can choose to work it out instead of walk away. Right now they are deceived by the enemy that this decision will bring "peace."

I am praying that each of them will see the error of their ways (none of us are perfect!!) and be willing to humbly submit first to God and then to each other.

I am praying that the scales will fall off their eyes and that (Kate especially) will be faced with the truth that she must depend on God. She must relinquish control. Money will not secure her children's future. Or hers.

I am praying they will both have the courage to forgive as Christ has forgiven us.

I am praying that they will come into agreement that it is BEST for all of them to quit the show immediately. And that they will fight to win their family back.

I am praying that TLC will have the decency, the guts, to stop it now.

I am praying for reconciliation. For victory for this family. Is it too late for God to save their marriage? Absolutely not. Not long ago I witnessed a re-marriage of some of my friends some months after they had divorced. God is in the business of reconciliation.

Finally, I am praying for God to open my own eyes to seeds of discontent in my own marriage. That He will reveal to me any way I am not patient or honest or loving towards my husband.

Pray with me, will you?

- shannon


  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger Katie King said…

    Yes I will Shannon...thanks for this post.

  • At 6:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Absolutely! This has been a huge burden on my heart lately too. Good post and so true!

    Alecia Kyler

  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger Mel said…

    You know it is a real warning to us all with families. As I too have been burdened by this families sad break-up and now separation/ divorce. What really bothers me is to listen to them speak... They both repeatedly share how "they are doing all this for the kids". how they live for their kids....

    I so desperately want to just speak into the life of Kate and Jon... You have to live for CHRIST. Then support your spouse.. Then be parents to your kids...

    One thing Dwayne and I talked about alot while our kids were young was that we wanted to safe guard our marriage at all cost. It meant making certain we gave as much to our marriage as we did to raising our kids. That meant... making time for us.. living life and serving eachother.. if we remained united and close.. then our family would be secure..... our children well cared for and well loved and adjusted... Have 1 child or 8... doesn't make that any harder... it just means you have to be all the more vigilant...

    I have hope... I am praying for restoration!

  • At 12:40 AM, Blogger Lindsey said…

    Amen. Well spoken.

  • At 5:42 PM, Blogger Mrs. White said…

    Yes, this has been bothering me too. It's a terrible thing to watch, whether on television or seeing it all fall apart in the magazines at the check-out counter.

    It was my 21st wedding anniversary the other day and I wrote a post about marriage. ("Living on Faith Marriage"). The ups and downs, the things I've learned. It is so important to hang in there!
    Mrs. White


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