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Friday, December 12, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

Snow! We didn't believe the forecast Wednesday night. But when I woke up to check on Maggie who was stirring at 3:30 in the morning, I caught a glimpse of something outside our bedroom window. I peered out into the backyard, and I kid you not - it looked like a winter wonderland! I jumped in bed, and half jumped on Jeff, with both of my hands on his chest, "Wake up! It's snowing!" An hour later, at 4:30, Jeff was getting ready for work, and I captured a few pictures of the front and backyard.

Now, if you're not from around here, you have to understand that this just doesn't happen here. We don't get snow. We get cold. We get rain. We even get sleet and ice. But not snow. So that is why we act like a bunch of fools and take pictures and call friends and cancel school and well, you get it.

I was excited for the girls to wake up and explore the surprise that waited outside for us. Maggie couldn't wait to walk in it. Lilly kept saying, "bubba!" (bubbles!) To her I guess it looked like a yard full of bath bubbles, which she LOVES.

After our first playtime, we came in to warm up for a few minutes, and I found Lilly sitting by the back door, eating snow that had fallen off our shoes!

We then tackled the front yard.

Lilly spent a lot of time just sitting in her rocker. I think she just couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. I was rolling snowballs and having a blast. At one point I looked around at the empty yards in our neighborhood and wondered, why isn't everyone in their yard playing?

I realized it's because they all had to go to work or school or daycare. I was at once so humbly grateful for being able to stay home and enjoy this treat with my girls.

Building our little snow gal. By this point, I couldn't feel my fingers. We don't have proper snow attire!

"Mama, you fix my shoe?"

"Here you go, Lilly."

By evening, our little miracle was gone, and all that was left was half a snowman in the front yard, quickly losing weight. It was hard to explain to Maggie that the snow was gone. She fully expected it to be back the next day. I know it could be years before we see snow again. But thank God for a special little snow day to enjoy His wonders!


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