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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sit Down, Mama

So, every day, I think Maggie wakes up smarter. I know, I know, every mother thinks this about her children. I realize I'm biased, and that Maggie is no sharper than the average toddler, but really, I am amazed almost everyday.

Lately, it's been her ability to put sentences together. Like yesterday morning, when she was eating breakfast. I was wiping the table, getting ready for the next thing on the to-do list, when she pointed to the chair next to her and said, "sit-down-mama." I also like to see more of her character and personality come out. She likes interacting with us. She really is a very sweet child, and if I had to guess at her "love language," I'd say a big one is quality time. She is never happier than when all four of us are just spending time together. She also likes to involve each member of the family in whatever she is enjoying at the time.

Here are some other random things she's said lately that show not only her budding syntax, but also her heart:

(Approaching me in the bathroom, when Lilly is in the living room): "Mama, Lilly crying."

(In Target, after trying on and picking out a new sunhat): "Lilly hat too?"

(Sitting at the table eating a snack while I'm on the couch nursing Lilly)
Maggie: "Lilly happy."
Me: "Yes, Lilly is happy."
Maggie: "Mama happy too?"
Me: "Yes, I'm happy too; are you happy, Maggie?"
Maggie: "Yes!" (Dramatically takes a bite of yogurt.)

Lilly also is growing so much; i can't believe how big she is. She is sitting up on her own, and really enjoying eating things like avacado, peaches, banana, peas, carrots, squash, and brown rice cereal. Next week's new food: asparagus! I make all her food for her and freeze single portions, so it's quick and easy when dinner-time comes.

This is such a blessed time in our lives. I am no fool, and I know that this season when the girls are little will pass quickly. As much as having two kids under 2 is so tiring, and a lot of work, I am thoroughly enjoying having them so little right now. I spend my days working hard, and I mean mentally working hard too. It takes a lot of focus and planning to be successful at this stay-at-home-mom thing. (And hey, I'm certainly not saying I am a pro' at this.) So many times, I am guilty of being a Martha instead of a Mary, constantly trying to stay ahead of the clutter and the mounting laundry, and the meal-preparation. So it's nice when God reminds me - even through my little girl - to be still, and sit down, Mama. Sit down.


  • At 2:32 PM, Blogger Teesa and Bill said…

    I can't believe how much Maggie STILL looks like JoJo! Lilly is amazingly cute too. I love how we can watch their little brains learn so much every day. They are growing at an exponential rate right now. You should be proud!

  • At 2:31 AM, Blogger Mel said…

    I remember well the long days and all the hard work that went into providing and loving on the kids. I kid around with the kids now that they are older that as they grew older I took more liberties in eating out, and that the many years I spent preparing good home cooked meals and good desserts aren't going to be remembered. :) Do enjoy this season of life.. each one is special and rewarding! :)

    love to you all!

  • At 9:19 AM, Blogger Ben and Mandy said…

    Aw, Maggie sounds like a sweetheart. And I agree with Teesa, she's Jeff's mini and Lilly is yours. :)

    Great post, Shannon!

  • At 11:34 AM, Blogger Krista said…

    Oh your girls are just SO cute. I think Maggie and Lydia would be great friends, they sound so much alike. Lydia is just starting to put words together and it seems like in just the last week her vocabulary has taken off. Like Maggie, she loves to show me where she wants me to sit and play with her and she will always ask for daddy to come play too (or mommy if she's playing with daddy). It's true, we really can learn so much about God through these precious blessings.


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