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Monday, November 05, 2007

Family Weekend

Nai Nai and Papa (Shannon's Mom & Dad) came in this weekend, and we packed a whole lot of fun into a few short days. Saturday, after the boys worked on cars, and the girls went shopping, we met up at the park to let Maggie burn some energy.

This particular park is called Tugboat Island. It's a massive construction, with loads of fun tunnel-ways, ladders, bridges, slides, and swings. Here I am with Maggie at the top of one of the smaller slides. She thought it was hilarious to watch me come down.

Maggie loves to swing. She says "weeee!" I think her Papa was having a good time too.

Of course, someone else was also burning off some energy here!

Maggie smiled and laughed the whole time, swinging like a big girl.

I love this picture, with my parents and Lilly in the background. Maggie was wide-eyed, watching some bigger kids play. She saw one kid jump off the swing in mid-air, and said, "ooooh!"

Here she is crawling through the tunnel, towards Papa and me. Notice her bed-head hair. She had fallen asleep in the car, on the way to the park.

This is what Lilly did the whole time. This picture was actually taken earlier in the day, at our apartment, while Maggie was playing in the grass. (She is a total outdoors girl!)

I made this "pouch" sling, thanks to the help of Leah. If you're interested in making one, visit her blog. This sling keeps Lilly cozy while I have my hands free.

Bye Bye, Everyone!


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