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Monday, May 21, 2007

Super Sweet Moments

Here are more pictures from our trip to North Carolina. This is Maggie with Sam (middle) and Laney (right). They are really sweet babies, and this little photo shoot was fun to watch! This little guy is "Super Sam the Ladies' Man", and you can see why.

Both Sam and Laney are really quick to smile for pictures. Maggie's got a half-smile going on, but usually she mad-dogs the camera. I think her daddy is a little proud of that.

I'm so glad we were able to visit our friends and meet each other's kids! What a blessing!

Here's Maggie eating Watermelon on Mother's Day, at our cookout. Mmmm, can you tell she LOVES it? Basically, she loves anything we're eating. It must seem so much more appealing than her jarred food.

Of course, a good bite of shoe is always tastey, too.

Here's Hollie with Laney in her pouch sling. Hollie's friend made this for her, and I hope to have one made before Lilly gets here.

And finally, this picture is for Teesa (Sam's mom), who says I don't post enough pictures of my pregnant belly. Billy (Sam's dad) took the picture; he is a really good photographer, subject notwithstanding. So now you all know what my current belly looks like. I'm about 5 months along here, and yes, that is my belly button poking out.


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