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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Latest

Hello from San Antonio! Although I would love to vacation here, the usual R&R is not on the agenda. Jeff's Dad (Charles) is in the hospital here, in the ICU with pnemonia in both lungs. We appreciate your prayers.

Since we're staying in the local Howard Johnson, we're taking advantage of the free internet! Oh, how I've missed having internet in our apartment. It's amazing how much more difficult it is to keep in touch with friends and pay bills without it. [sigh]

Our little Mu will be four months old tomorrow! Wow, how time is flying. I've become one of "those" moms - you know - the ones who tell you about each and every little grunt, smile, and bowel movement their little treasure has made today. Well, I'll spare you all the gory details and just sum it up - Maggie is growing!! Some days I wake up and think "did you change overnight?!" She is now starting to roll over, moved up a size in clothes, and begun "eating" rice cereal once a day. I use that term lightly, because it's more like she sloshes the goop around in her mouth, and smiles at me as she pushes it out with her tounge and it oozes down her chin!

Oh, and I almost forgot - I turned another year older last Sunday! And not a hurricane in sight! We did enjoy some Thai food at a new restaurant in town.

Well, we love hearing from all of you. And we're checking all your blogs every chance we get.
We love you. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
the hazletons
-does she look like her daddy or what?


  • At 8:25 PM, Blogger Brenda said…


    You are the BEST Mom EVER!

    You are Beautiful!

    Love you,

  • At 1:24 AM, Blogger Melissa said…

    Hey - We will be thinking of Jeff's Dad and praying for complete healing.

    Love the update! But I have to admit! :) I want more pictures of little Maggie... don't be shy post more----- pleeeeeeeeze.......

    Jeff you look like a true father who's daughter has him wrapped around her little pinky and Shannon it sounds like you are really enjoying every moment with little Maggie. I'm so thankful that you are able to be home with her!

    Love to you both and man we sure miss you!
    take care!
    mel and fam.....
    ps. justin just turned 18 this month... OUCH ! I'm feeling really old!

  • At 1:13 PM, Blogger TK said…

    She's so cute! You guys are great.


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