Our Blessed Life

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I've been rather patient waiting for today.  Since the beginning I had a calm; a peace.

Nothing to hurry about.

Besides, I felt I secretly knew already, like the Father had whispered it to me early...

Patient for many months.  Quietly pondering in my heart.

But today.  Today I was eager.

Three of my little crew were witness, giggling and waiting.  The clear jelly made a funny noise when it was squirted on my bare mid-drift.  Little eyes watched the show on the screen.  So did I.

In only a moment, it was confirmed - that which I knew already in my heart.

I have another daughter.

One of my daughters squealed with joy.

Although I would have been ecstatic to be having another son, I am warmed at the Father's lovingkindness in giving me another girl.  And the irony, it gets me.  I always thought I'd be mother to four boys.

Today was no surprise.  The Father had given us her name more than 2 years ago.

Olivia.  Derived from Olive Tree ~ a symbol of Peace.

"... you children shall be like olive shoots around your table..."

One of her middle names means 'light' - just like her big sister.

Now, more than ever, I feel like this is Our Blessed Life.  His lovingkindness has overflowed to us.

We watched her wiggle and wave.  Kicking, yawning.  Her nose looks like that Hazleton nose I prayed all my kids would have.

Although the Father was sweet enough to give me this monkey with my nose.

And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Ah yes, the boys are outnumbered.

And life is good.


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