Our Blessed Life

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Best Moments...

... of my day...

- Visiting with friends, and getting to spend more time with three little friends from Kirk's country.

- Pushing Kirk's buddy Parker on the swing and having him giggle at me and say both Russian and English words to me (the last time I was at his house, he would only sneak glances at me from where he was hiding behind the recliner.)

- Jumping with Maggie on our friends' trampoline (per her request) and then afterward hearing her tell someone else, "My Mama is the greatest!"

- Hearing Maggie's 'gasp' of delight when she discovered a surprise her Daddy had left for her this morning.

- Having Maggie excitedly run to me and hug me because she was proud of writing a 'K' correctly.

- Realizing it is my Mom & Dad's wedding anniversary, and smiling at the thought of them being married 37 years.

I'm mighty blessed.


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