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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mommy Olympics

Confession: I am out of shape.

I don't just mean I've got some baby weight to lose. Nor do I mean that I'm just a bit stiff since the pregnancy and c-section. I mean I am full-blown out of shape.

I have long suspected this, but a few days ago, I was in the back yard playing with the girls and I kicked a ball to the back fence. Trying to encourage Lilly (who was pouting) to run after it, I starting chasing the ball to the back of the yard. Immediately, I realized I was not wearing the proper, uh, attire for a nursing mom to be running around in the yard.

Let's just leave it at that, okay?

And immediately, my knees, lower back, and shoulders all screamed, what on earth are you doing?

So, the running didn't last long, but I was still in the mood to play so I joined the girls on the swing set and attempted to hang on the trapeze bar, pulling my knees up to my chest. It was at this point that my entire body cried out, who do you think you ARE?

It's sad, really. I do need to work some stretching and exercise into my routine.

But lately, I feel like I'm training for the Olympics on a whole other level. This morning was prime example.

By 8 am I had already been peed on, and not by the kid you would first assume. I'll divulge no names, but she does have some stinkin' cute blonde pig tails.

By 8:01 am I had already been asked multiple times about breakfast: i.e, what is it, where is it, can we have it - those kinds of questions.

The morning continued in its usual sporadic unfolding. I can never tend to any one thing for very long before I'm interrupted by a kid or a calamity or a call... and today there seemed to be an endless chain of irritating events.

Quite a few times, I asked Maggie to do something or get something, (i.e. Maggie, get the hair brush from your dresser, please, so I can fix your hair... or Honey, go throw this away for Mama...)
She is a big helper, and quite capable of running such errands. I mean, it's not like I said, Maggie, run fetch Mama a grande double-shot late', hold the whip!

Please don't comment on my coffee addiction. I'm feeling a little sensitive about it today. And I think a few friends of mine are planning an intervention....

Anyway, today, for some reason, Maggie repeatedly forgot or completely ignored what I said to her. Off in her own play-world.

And several times, the other sister got into things she has been told a million times not to touch.

After several go-rounds of these kinds of offenses, I had Maggie sitting near me on the couch, and had sent Lilly to lay down in her bed. After having a heart-to-heart with Maggie, I called Lilly from her room and she came whimpering. I turned to address her and found that she had wedged a Littlest Pet Shop plastic bunny in her mouth, and couldn't get it out.

I freaked out mildly for a few seconds. And then I yanked the thing from betwixt her teeth.

She wailed.

I scolded..

Then I pulled her up on my lap and hugged her and rocked her.

Good grief.

Afterwards, I sent them both outside to play. Not 2 minutes later, I glanced outside to check on them, just in time to see Lilly slide off the swing, and then watch the seat swing back and hit her in the face, busting her lip.

Five minutes and a cold-press later, she was back outside, playing happily, when Maggie starting crying suddenly.


You get the picture. This was all before lunchtime, and occurring simultaneously with me preparing lunch, and supper for this evening, and holding/nursing/changing my baby boy.

Not only am I out of shape physically, but I have just felt emotionally and spiritually waylaid lately. I'm not depressed, or even discouraged. I just realize I'm in the thick of parenting 3 kids under 4-years-old, and this is not for the faint of heart!

Thank God for a great, understanding, and helpful husband! And were it not for him, and for my death-grip on the Word of God, I would definitely be washed under the waves of self-pity or pessimism.

This is not for the faint of heart!

All this to say - I know I'm not alone. I know many of you feel the same way sometimes. (And if you don't, just humor me, okay?) And I further realize that many of you also work jobs outside of the home, and that even some of you don't have a super husband to help carry the load.

But take heart. You are not alone. Get a grip - rather, get a death-grip on the Word of God. His Word will carry you through.

Okay, now that I've encouraged myself, and hopefully maybe one other person, I'll quit blabbing.

And go make some espresso brownies.

Just kidding... maybe.


  • At 3:23 PM, Blogger A Little Down Time said…

    100%... that's how much i'm feeling you my sister. love you, and know that we're in this together for the long haul!

  • At 6:03 PM, Blogger Miss Susan said…


    The sad thing is I can COMPLETELY relate and I'm only trying to take care of one little boy and work part time!

    The only comment about Maggie "forgetting"...she comes by it honestly! Do you not remember? :)

    In the end, it's all worth it...and the years disapper before you know it...

    Hope tomorrow is a wonderful day!

    Love you~

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Teesa said…

    Lilly could seriously win some beauty pageants! She is gorgeous with those eyes and the shape of her face and her hair! Of course, Maggie is beautiful too - she looks so much like Jeff it's hard for me to imagine her in a pageant, but I'm sure she could win a few herself.

    I hope you all get some good rest tonight! What a day!

  • At 10:05 AM, Blogger Katie King said…

    This post is so funny...until I imagine YOU actually going thru all of it! WOW! What a day!

  • At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Alecia said…

    I'm seriously exhausted reading your post. so funny!


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