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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teaching Little Homemakers

Did I post this picture already?

Please forgive me if I did. I have pregnant-brain right now, and I'm forgetting things left and right. At least I can blame it on pregnancy until our baby boy is born... then I can blame it on sleep-depravation. :0 What was I saying?....

Oh yes. Well, several months ago I taught Maggie how to fold wash cloths. And the picture above was taken around that time, as she is sitting in front of a pile she folded completely by herself. She now folds ALL of our washcloths (that is, if they actually get folded before we dig for them in the clean laundry basket and use them.) She will sit with me folding clothes and quickly fold 20 or so washcloths and rags. She loves being a big helper.

I also let them use a swiffer around the house - a lot of dirt gets picked up this way - and they each get a rag when I'm dusting.

Of course, the work is not done perfectly, but they are learning! Plus they are enjoying it, knowing they're being a big help. They get to see what they've accomplished, and they feel good about it.

Currently, Jeff is teaching Maggie to clear the table after dinner, and she has taken it upon herself to "make" her bed and Lilly's bed in the mornings. This consists of spreading a blanket across the bed, and choosing a stuffed animal or baby to lay on the pillow. She is really proud of her work when she's done, and honestly, so am I!!

They also love to help me cook. One of their favorite things to do is play with bread dough and flour at the table, so every time I make bread or pizza dough, I pull off a big handful and divide it between them.

Lilly waiting for her dough.

I love these aprons Jeff's Mom made for them.

Maggie showing me her "hot dogs" she made.

Impressive, huh?

Does all of this make more work for me? Certainly. But this is why I'm here. It's why we make sacrifices so that I can stay home with my children. I get to teach them skills involved in keeping a home, the importance of family working together, the value of working hard at something. And I just get to be with them. I love my job.


  • At 10:48 AM, Blogger Jo said…

    I love this post! Good stuff and it is so important to remember to let them help. When Em was little, I made the swiffer her size by taking the extra pieces of the handle out. She loved it! I have a little video of her folding wash cloths. She felt so proud. I cherish that! Such wonderful little memories.

  • At 6:48 AM, Blogger Miss Susan said…

    :) Little girls becoming big girls! So beautiful...and I am proud of them too!
    I love your use of "Homemakers"! A lot of people before you worked hard to change the word "Housewife" to the word "Homemaker"...such a better description! Love you all!

  • At 11:56 AM, Blogger Krista said…

    I love this post! I'm trying to plan mommy/daughter projects for the month of December and was thinking of some cooking things like animal crackers, decorating sugar cookies, etc. This post has really inspired me - thank you!!


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